With over 1,000 images to choose from, you won't be short of ideas to personalise your phone case.

It's easy to select a design and see how it looks on your case before you buy - and you can save as many designs as you like before you make your decision.

Watch our short tutorials below to see how to create your own masterpiece!


How to Customise Your Phone Case 

Tutorial 1: Choosing a Design From The Gallery

The Steps:

1: Browse/search for your device by model, brand or case type.

2: Select your device (go to Product Page).

3: Click on the 'Customise' button to go to the Product Customiser.

4: Click "GALLERY' to browse the different design categories.

5: Select a category, and then choose a design that you want.

6: After the design appears on the phone case, you can adjust its position (top-left icon), its orientation (top-right icon) but you MUST adjust its size, using the bottom-right icon, ensuring you extend the image to fill the case template.

7: Once satisfied with your design, click 'ADD TO CART'

8: Review your cart before checking out. Once satisfied with your customised phone cases, Click 'Checkout'.